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Content Boxes Block

Display content boxes in a masonry layout.

How to use

  1. In the top left corner, click + to add a new block.
  1. Select the SoulKitchen Content Boxes block.
  1. In the right sidebar, find all the settings for the block.
  1. Fill in all the settings for the first Content Box
  2. Click + Add more to add more Content Boxes

The Block Settings

This block comes with the following settings:

  • Space between boxes
    Set the space between content boxes (none / 6px / 12px / 24px)
  • Background Color
    Applies to the background behind the content boxes
  • Add Content Boxes
    • Background Type
      Select background type (Image / Video / Color / None)
    • Upload Image / Background Video / Select Color
      Depending on the background type, you can here upload the background image, background video or select the background color
    • Add Overlay Color
      Add a dark overlay color over the background image or background video, to make text more visible
    • Add gradient dark color below text
      In order to make text more readable above images, you can add a dark gradient background color below the text.
    • Box Width
      Select box width (25% / 50 % / 33 % / 66 %)
    • Box Height
      Select box height ( square / landscape / portrait / portrait high)
    • Content Color
      Select content color (default / white)
    • Content Position
      Select content position (left / center / right)
    • Content Position Vertical
      Select content position vertical ( top / middle / bottom )
    • Box Links To
      If you wish to link the entire box, enter the full URL here.
    • Vertical Text
      Add vertical text on the left hand side
    • Subtitle
      Enter subtitle
    • Title
      Enter box title
    • Title Size
      Select title size (H1 / H2 / H3 / H4 / H5 / H6 / Bold Text)
    • Title Letter Spacing
    • Enter letter spacing for the title in pixels
    • Divider
      Add a divider below the title
    • Content
      Enter content. You can also use HTML here.
    • Button Text
      If you wish to add a button, enter the button text here
    • Button URL
      Enter button URL
    • Button Style
      Select button style ( Regular / Outline)


  • Hide on Small Screens
    Check if you want to hide this content box on small screens
  • Box Height on Small Screens
    Change the box height on small screens (leave as is / screen height / square / landscape / landscape high / portrait / portrait high)
  • Content Position on Small Screens
    Change the content position on small screens (leave as is / left / center)
  • Content Position Vertical on Small Screens
    Change the content position vertical on small screens (leave as is / bottom / middle / top)
  • Order on Small Screens
    You can reorder the content boxes on small screens by entering an order number here.

How to reorder / remove a content box

  • Remove a content box by hovering over a content box and clicking Remove.
  • Reorder content boxes by clicking the dots on the left side and dragging the content box up or down.