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1. Requirements

In order to avoid issues like white screen, error when importing demo content , problems when uploading images etc., make sure your server is configured properly. You can check your server settings in the WordPress dashboard as follows:

  1. Go to Tools → Site Health.
  2. At the top of the page click Info.
  1. Scroll down and open the Server tab.
  1. Compare the values with the following minimum requirements.
    • PHP version: Please check the current supported PHP versions here.
    • PHP time limit: 300
    • PHP memory limit: 256 M
    • Max input time: 300
    • Upload max filesize: 256 M
    • PHP post max size: 512 M

If your settings do not meet the minimum requirements, please contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase those limits to the minimum values mentioned above.

Recommended Hosting Providers

A frequently asked question is what Hosting Providers we can recommend.

We personally use DreamHost for all of our websites, a popular award-winning hosting company, and one of WordPress.org’s officially recommended hosts.

DreamHost offers hosting solutions specifically optimized for WordPress.

We have had nothing but a great experience with DreamHost so far and can highly recommend this Hosting Provider.

Please note, that while we receive a small commission if you sign up with DreamHost via the links above, our recommendation is based solely on the great experience we’ve had with Dreamhost so far and not on the compensation itself.