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Logos Block

Display press logos or logos of partners and optionally link them to any URL.

How to use

  1. In the top left corner, click + to add a new block.
  1. Select the SoulKitchen Logos block.
  1. In the right sidebar, find all the settings for the block.

Block Settings

This block comes with the following settings:

  • Logo Width
    Set a max width for the logo images in pixels (default: 120)
  • Logo Height
    Set a max height for the logo images in pixels (default: 120)
  • Add border between logos
    Add a light grey border between the logo images
  • Upload Logos
    • Logo Image
    • Link to (Enter full URL)
  • Remove a logo by hovering over a logo box and clicking¬†Remove.
  • Reorder logos by clicking the dots on the left side and dragging the logo up or down.