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Menu Block

Display drink and food menu items from the Menu Post Type.

You can change the typography for the menu text in Appearance → Typography → Custom Blocks → Menu Block.

How to use

  1. Click ⊕ to add a new block
  2. Select the AMAYA Menu block
  1. In the right sidebar, find all the settings for the block
  1. Fill in all the settings for the first menu category
  2. Click + Add more to add another menu category

Block Settings

This Block comes with the following settings:

  • Menu Color
    Select Default Color, Dark background with light text or custom background and text color
  • Menu Categories
    • Menu Category
      Select a menu category
    • Box Width
      Select Box width (Half Width / One Third / Two Third / Full Width)
    • Menu Items per row
      Select Items per row (One Item / Two Items / Three Items)
    • Box Style
      Select Box Style (Regular / Add Border / Dark box with light text / Reverse text and background color)
    • Space between Menu Items
      Select space between menu items (None / 6px / 12px / 24px)
    • Hide Title
      Hide the Menu Category Title
    • Title and Description Position
      Select Category Title and Description position (left / center / right)
    • Title Border
      Select Title border style (None / Bottom Solid / Bottom and Top Solid / Bottom Dotted / Bottom and Top Dotted)
    • Additional Content
      Add additional text