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Content Boxes Block

Display content boxes in a masonry layout.

How to use

  1. Click + ⊕ to add a new block
  2. Select the AMAYA Content Boxes block
  1. In the right sidebar, find Block Settings
  1. Fill in all the settings for the first Content Box
  2. Click + Add more to add more Content Boxes

The Block Settings

This Block comes with the following settings:

  • Space between boxes
    Set space between content boxes (none / 6px / 12px / 24px)
  • Add Content Boxes
    • Background Type
      Select Background Type (Image / Video / Color / None)
    • Upload Image / Upload Video / Select Color
      Depending on the Background Type, you can here upload the Background Image, Background Video or select the Background color.
    • Add Overlay Color
      Add a dark Overlay Color over the Background Image or Background Video, to make text more visible.
    • Box Width
      Select Box Width (25% / 50 % / 33 % / 66 %)
    • Box Height
      Select Box Height ( square / landscape / portrait / portrait high)
    • Content Color
      Select Content Color (dark / white / white + theme color)
    • Content Position
      Select Content Position (left / center / right)
    • Content Position Vertical
      Select Content Position Vertical ( top / middle / bottom )
    • Box Links To
      If you wish to link the entire box, enter the full URL here.
    • Vertical Text
      Add Vertical Text on the left hand side
    • Subtitle
      The subtitle will display in the theme color. You can change the typography of the Subtitle in Appearance → Typography → Other Elements → Subtitle.
    • Title
      Enter Box Title
    • Title Size
      Select Title Size (H1 / H2 / H3 / H4 / H5 / H6)
    • Divider
      Add a Divider below the Title
    • Content
      Enter Content. You can also use HTML here.
    • Button Text
      If you wish to add a button, enter the Button Text here
    • Button URL
      Enter Button URL
    • Button Style
      Select Button style ( Regular / Outline)

How to reorder / remove a content box

  • Remove a content box by hovering over a content box and clicking Remove.
  • Reorder content box by clicking the dots on the left side and dragging the content box up or down.

How to add a icon above the title

Simply add the icon code right above the title text into the title field