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Recommended Sizes

The minimum recommended image width is 2308px.

Please try to select images that match the minimal image width to avoid whitespace, bad alignment and other image related problems.

Template Images

AMAYA automatically resizes all uploaded images to the following image sizes:

  • Uncropped HD: 2308px, scaled
  • Uncropped Full: 1200px, scaled
  • Uncropped Largex2: 1600px, scaled
  • Uncropped Large: 800px, scaled
  • Uncropped Medium: 560px, scaled
  • Sqare HD: 2308x2308px, cropped
  • Sqare Full: 1200x1200px, cropped
  • Sqare Largex2: 1600x1600px, cropped
  • Sqare Large: 800x800px, cropped
  • Sqare Medium: 560x560px, cropped
  • Sqare Small: 250x250px, cropped
  • Sqare Mini: 120x120px, cropped
  • Landscape HD: 2308x1731px, cropped
  • Landscape Full: 1200x900px, cropped
  • Landscape Largex2: 1600x1200px, cropped
  • Landscape Large: 800x600px, cropped
  • Landscape Medium: 560x420px, cropped
  • Landscape Mini: 120x90px, cropped

Resizing Thumbnails

Resizing only works for newly uploaded images.If you install AMAYA on an existing website with existing images, those images will not display properly.

You can resize the images by installing and running a Thumbnail resizing plugin, for example the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.